Blue Polyester Air Conditioning / Furnace Filters                    


Blue and White polyester air conditioning / furnace filter media are manufactured from 100% synthetic fibers, which are formed into a high loft blanket that is designed to achieve a low initial resistance and high dust holding capacity. These low cost filters provide excellent performance as a filter to medium and high efficiency filters or as a stand-alone filter in commercial HVAC systems, unit ventilators, and fan coil units. The filters are available in any size. The filters are encased in a strong double walled beverage board frame which is not affected by moisture and is a perfect choice for high humidity or intermittent moisture conditions. Unlike fiberglass, polyester air filters are easy to handle and will not cause skin irritation. Polyester filters are also hypoallergenic. MERV 5-6


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*Safe and easy to  handle     

*Very good dust holding capacity


*Custom made in any size

*Available in 1" and 2" thickness     (text for 2" orders)

*Moisture resistant

*Encased in white double walled beverage board