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Orange Tackified    Air / Furnace Air Conditioning Filters

 Also known as Orange Tac or Dust Loc this high performance media is manufactured from 100% synthetic fibers, and are formed into a high loft blanket which is designed to achieve a low initial resistance and high dust holding capacity. They are also treated with a special dust lock chemical which ,brings its MERV rating to 7, which helps in collecting smaller particles of dust on the downstream. Excellent product if you have pets and/or live in a “dusty” house. Like the blue poly, these filters are not affected by moisture and are perfect for high humidity or intermittent moisture areas. Safeguard filters are available in any 1” or 2” inch size. All orange media are ANTIMICROBIAL at no extra charge.



Purchase Filters

High dust holding capacity


Custom made in any size

Available in 1" and 2" thickness

Moisture resistant

Encased in white double walled beverage board

Easy to  handle

Great for houses with pets or "dusty houses"