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Hello and Thank You For Visiting Our AC Filter Site.

Tired of looking for air conditioning filters that fit ?

 Can’t find the right size ?

  Had it with cutting standard size ac filters to your requirements ?

       "Life time"  furnace filters that are useless within a year ?

        "We know how you feel, we’ve been through it ourselves."


Our company’s goal is to make it easy for you to get custom cut and fitted furnace and air conditioning filters, at a lower price, without any hassles. Our custom made to order air conditioner filters are durable, sturdy, and meet or exceeds the industry’s standards. For the last ten years we have gained hundreds and hundreds of happy,grateful and satisfied customers. We honestly feel we have the best customers a company could possibly have. So CleanerAir wants your satisfaction to always comes first,  we are very committed to service, making sure you get the right size air conditioning filters as soon as possible. We use and stand by our air filters but if for any reason, (and we do make mistakes) you are not happy with our custom filters or service, we will refund 100% of your money.

   Our filters and filter media pads are not only used for general HVAC usage but you will find them used everywhere. Some of our customers: animal hospitals, medical centers, newspaper facilities, dentist offices, bakeries, restaurants, jewelers, condos, art galleries, marine air, clean rooms for electronics and equipment repairs, churches, temples, coastguard, seafood houses, cabinet shops, spray booths, aquariums, wine cellars, yachts. Some other uses our customers have had for our media pads and filters: car filters, traffic signal cabinets, radio stations transmitter cabinets, aquarium filtration, duct work for wine coolers, electric motor casings, computer towers/racks/enclosures just to name a few. And we can also cut media pads to any shape and size. Just e-mail or text us anytime 24-7 for a quote on your size.

    So please check out our air conditoning filters. If you have any questions,

text/e-mail me anytime 24/7,or send in a comment form,

and I will get right back to you.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Chuck   or  9549135617

AC trade, property managers, purchasing departments,

large businesses, call for discounted prices.

             Check out our resource pages for the best articles on Air Conditioning Filters and Air Quality.

       "Our Best Customer is the Most Informed Consumer"

Cleanerair now has LEED rated MERV 13 standard AC filters and probably which could save property managers 20 to 30% on your costs.


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Thank You!


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